Significant year  1988 : Birth of Achour Sophiane and opening of the French subsidiary of the Swedish group Höganäs, a sign ? …

Achour Sophiane becomes an individual entrepreneur in 2009 and bases its development through an irreproachable quality of services.

Based on this line of conduct, industrialists are interested in Mr. Achour’s know-how.

It was in 2012 that the two entities met in order to carry out a high performance flooring project for the company Midi Charcuterie, other projects will follow “La Pizza de Manosque”; “Nutrition and Health”…

Then to reach its peak by creating a production floor for the French n ° 1 and world n ° 7 in the perfume and aroma industries, the company “Mane et Fils”.

The company France Epoxy Industrie was then created in 2017 and appears on the CNAMTS list among the biggest names of French resin applicators.

This list refers to products and companies for the prevention of occupational accident risks and is part of the official recommendations for good factory construction practices, mainly agri-food.

Today, Mr. Achour’s company works in collaboration with CARSAT and operates throughout France, Europe, Switzerland… The chemical, electrical and aeronautical industries are now interested in these high performance final floors.